85 year old balchand yadav dies after casting his vote in bodh gaya bihar assembly elections 2020


In Bihar Assembly Elections 2020, 71 seats of 16 districts were voted on Wednesday. A large number of elderly voters also appeared in line to vote. But one person went unnoticed and died after voting.

Balchand Yadav, 85, a resident of Kazichak, went to exercise his franchise on Wednesday afternoon. Giving his vote in favor of the favorite candidate, he returned home from booth number 123 and lay down at the checkpoint to rest. During this time he died in an unconscious state. Seeing him in unconscious state, his family stopped when he took him for treatment. Due to the death of Balchand Yadav on this great day of democracy, a wave of mourning spread in the village. The family accused the administration of negligence. Son Sukhdev Prasad Yadav said that in the afternoon after voting and returning home from the polling station, our father died. He accused the administration that voters above 80 years of age had to vote at home through postal ballot. But no one gave information about the postal ballot process. So he had to go to the booth to vote and he died soon after reaching home. He did not have any disease. The entire village is shocked by the sudden death. At the last moment he was determined to vote. They were forced to take him to vote. The information of postal ballot was not available to us and the people of administration did not give information about it. While it became known that the government had such a directive that a provision was made to get old people above 80 years of age to go home. But due to its lack of publicity and incomplete information, the incident happened. Family members expressed dissatisfaction with the arrangement made at the booth.


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