26 lakh corona cases may increase every month during festivals, 26 lakh corona cases may increase every month


By February 2021, Corona’s total patients in India will cross one crore (file photo)

new Delhi:

Coronavirus India: An expert government panel of the central government has warned that up to 26 lakh new corona patients may be exposed every month if slackness is observed during the festive season. The panel has claimed that in India Epidemic The top level (peak) of has passed. He has cited a decrease in the number of patients he gets every day.

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The panel has warned that only 30 percent of the country’s population has developed immunity due to corona, in such a situation that one can see a surge in winter during festivals with carelessness. The committee says that if the safety standards are strictly followed, then by February 2021, the epidemic can be controlled.

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The panel said that the winter cold and the upcoming festivals season is threatening a new phase of transition. In such a situation, negligence can be overwhelming at any stage. The committee has recommended that the security protocol and other restrictions on Kovid-19 should continue as before. If the infection remains under control, by February 2021, the total number of cases will be around one crore five lakh. At present, this number is close to 75 lakhs.

25 lakh people would have been killed if there was no lockdown
The panel has said that if lockdown was not imposed in the country in March 2020, by August, around 2.5 million people in the country would have been killed by the epidemic. Right now this number is close to one lakh 14 thousand. The committee has not endorsed a nationwide lockdown to prevent infection. He says that it can be done if an infection spreads in a particular area.

Infection increased during Onam in Kerala
The committee expressed the apprehension that a large crowd can be seen in the areas during the festivals. In Kerala (Kerala), after the Onam festival of August 22 to September 2, there has been a sharp increase in infection. The probability of infection has increased by 32 percent. Whereas, the chances of getting effective treatment have decreased by 22 percent. Festivals like Dussehra and Deepawali are falling in the next two months.


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