COVID-19 antibody sero prevalence down at 25 pc in Delhi: Survey report in HC


The Delhi High Court was informed on Wednesday that 25 percent of people had received antibodies in the Cirov survey of Kovid-19 in the capital Delhi in September, compared to about 29 percent in the previous month. These results have come in the third phase of the Siro survey conducted by the AAP government from 1 to 7 September in Delhi.

This report was placed before the bench of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Subramanian Prasad. The bench was hearing a public interest litigation filed in connection with increasing the number of investigations of Kovid-19 in the capital and fast results.

In the report filed through Additional Permanent Advocate Satyakam, the Delhi government has mentioned that antibodies were found in 28.7 percent of the people in August and 25.1 percent in September. In the north-east, north and central districts of Delhi, the Siro survey found antibodies in fewer people, while antibodies were found in more people in the south, east, west and northwest districts.

Number of COVID-19 infected reached 2 lakh 80 thousand in Delhi

Antibodies were found in more women at all stages of the survey. In addition, fewer antibodies were found in people in the 18–49 age group compared to adolescents younger than 18 years and those older than 50 years. The report said that people with lower socio-economic status and living in unplanned colonies found more antibodies.

The Delhi government surveyed 17,409 people in the capital. The report said that more cases of untreated infections were found at all stages of the survey. The Siro survey found that about one-third of the participants were those who had previously been infected with Kovid-19, but did not receive antibodies. The report states that there is evidence that in the case of Kovid-19, the level of antibodies in the body decreases with the passage of time.

The Delhi government told the bench that the next date of hearing would be on October 07 to tell the court when it would conduct the next head survey.

‘AAP’ government said the news was wrong, the court said – don’t play the game

During thisThe AAP government told the court that the reports about the preliminary results of the third Siro survey were incorrect and its officials had not given any information to the media about it. On this statement of the government, the court said that the press should not be described as untrustworthy. Do not play games like this with the court.

The bench did not accept the Delhi government’s claim that the media reports were incorrect and said that the administration has not issued any rebuttal on the news. Satyakam, Additional Permanent Advocate of the Delhi Government, said that according to reports, 33 percent of the people involved in the preliminary results of the survey reported having anti-corona virus antibodies in the body, while in the final report this figure is only 25.1 percent.

The government made this representation on the court’s question as to why the results of the Siro survey were released to the media before being placed before the bench. The bench said that on 16 September, the last date of hearing, the Delhi government had said that the results of the survey were not ready, but the preliminary results were available with the media the very next day.

Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain and Additional Permanent Advocate Satyakam assured the court that necessary clarifications would be issued regarding the media reports. The court was hearing a public interest litigation filed by advocate Rakesh Malhotra requesting to increase the number of Kovid-19 investigations and get immediate results.


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