Congress President Sonia Gandhi says Hathras has not died Nirbhaya, he has been killed – Congress President Sonia Gandhi said – Hathras has not died, she has been killed


Sonia Gandhi (File Photo)

new Delhi:

There is an atmosphere of anger across the country regarding the incident of Hathras. Especially since the way the police cremated her last night against the wishes of her family, since then people are even more angry. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has also issued a video message and attacked the BJP government over the incident. Sonia Gandhi said that Hathras’s ‘Nirbhaya’ has not died, he has been killed. He also said that is it a crime to have a daughter in this country? The Congress President said that crores of people of the country are angry. This incident is like a stigma for the country.

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Attacking the Uttar Pradesh government, he said what the state government was doing for so many days. The girl was not given proper treatment. At the same time, he said that an attempt was made to suppress the matter which resulted in a daughter leaving us. She was not heard while she was alive. Even after dying, he could not find the soil of his family. Sonia Gandhi, giving the example of Hinduism, said that after death, a person has dignity, which was not followed. Finally, he attacked the BJP and said that do you want the country to be silent if you do anything? We will not let this happen. We will not allow BJP to break the country and the Constitution.

Significantly, Priyanka Gandhi also attacked the Uttar Pradesh government by tweeting a video. Priyanka had said that I want to ask some questions to the Chief Minister of UP. Who had ordered to burn the dead body of the victim by forcefully snatching it from the family? Where were you sleeping for the last 14 days? Why did not you act? And how long will all this last? How are you the chief minister?

VIDEO: After the death of the victim, questions were raised on the Uttar Pradesh government


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