Why Wander cheers when NikkieTutorials reveals that she is also transgender (while he had never heard of the YouTube Queen) – Groningen


No, Wander (24) had never heard of NikkieTutorials. But when he saw the video in which the YouTube Queen revealed that she, like him, is transgender, the Groninger jumped a hole in the air. “That someone with so many followers and influence in the Netherlands dares to share this is so important.”

Wander was born as a girl in Bedum 24 years ago and has been following hormone therapy for over two years to become a man. He studies and lives in Groningen and in this video report he once told frankly about his life so far, the transition and the future.

Generation companion

Wander was unaware of the existence of his fellow generation Nikkie de Jager (25), known on YouTube as NikkieTutorials, until Tuesday. The world famous vlogster started in 2008 with sharing makeup tutorials and now has nearly 13 million followers. De Jager made it public on Monday that she was born a boy.

From woman to man: I always had the feeling that something was wrong

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