UN asks Mexico to redouble efforts to two years of law on missing persons


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – The representation in Mexico of the High Commissioner of the United Nations Organization for Human Rights (Acnudh) called on the State to “redouble efforts” for the effective implementation of the law on missing persons, which on January 14 January turned two years old.

The subsidiary of the international organization headed by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet recommended ensuring at all times “the real participation of families of missing persons”, two years after the entry into force of the General Law on Forced Disappearance of Persons, Disappearance Committed by Individuals, and the National People Search System.
The UN-DH considers as “advances” that the recent publication of new official information and public recognition of the problem, which began 12 years ago when the Government of the then President Felipe Calderon declared the frontal war against drug cartels.
“Completing this information, in order to have a diagnosis that favors the design of better strategies for the care and eradication of disappearances, is urgent in the face of the more than 61,000 missing persons that are officially known and the fact that new ones are still being registered. disappearances, “said the representation of the Acnudh

The UN agency considers that of a total of 32 states in the country, there are 23 federal entities missing to pass their local legislation harmonized with the Federal General Law.
In addition, 28 entities do not have a harmonized law of special declaration of absence; seven must still form their prosecutor’s office specializing in crimes of disappearance and three have yet to create their local commission.
The organization present in this country since 2002, by a bilateral agreement, considers that there is “progress in the institutional consolidation of the National Search Commission and in the formation of the majority of the state search commissions”, in the 32 entities of the Mexican federation

However, the agency’s representation regretted that not all state law enforcement agencies have completed or updated the information for incorporation into the National Registry of Missing and Unlocated Persons.

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