Uber has no plans for Leuven anyway


The American taxi service Uber had announced on its website that it would add Leuven and Namur to its Belgian network. It is wrong, as it turns out, because Uber has removed the cities again.

The American taxi service Uber is not (yet) expanding its Belgian activities to Flanders and Wallonia. Uber had announced on its website that it would also be possible to order an Uber taxi in Leuven and Namur. But after the message was distributed, Uber revised its website. Uber also does not want to comment on the reason why Leuven and Namur were announced on the official website.

The message also came as a surprise for Leuven, says Johan Geleyns (CD&V), who is responsible for the taxi sector as ships. “The new Flemish taxi decree does not require Uber to register with us,” he says. “Leuven places high demands on its taxi companies and we want to keep it that way.”

New taxi decree

That Uber would expand to Flanders has been whispered for a while. Uber drivers themselves also say that there are expansion plans. The new taxi decree of the Flemish government, which has been in force since 1 January, has made it easier for new players to become active in the taxi sector. But the company has always taken the boat off and wants to focus primarily on Brussels.

Uber was founded in 2009 and came to Brussels in 2014. In the beginning, any private person could make trips with his car. But a judge banned the taxi service and Uber had to withdraw from the capital. The Americans changed the rules, so that drivers had to have a permit since 2015. Around 1,800 Uber taxis are now driving around in and around Brussels.


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