TurkishCurrent assessment from Bulgarian Foreign Minister: We defend our interests


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Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said the US stance on the construction of the Turkish current gas pipeline is not new, but that it should defend its country’s interests.

Bulgaria Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina ZaharievaIn his statement to the Bulgarian National Television, David Hale, Deputy Undersecretary of the US State Department, I TURKAK ‘Russias statement that it is an instrument of influence in Europe and that it will not actually help diversify gas supplies.

Bulgarian minister, “The US stance on the North Stream-2 and the Turkish Current is obvious. But we are acting in line with our own interests, that is to avoid crossing the natural gas map. The interest of Bulgarian citizens is to have the opportunity to obtain gas from different sources. The second pipe, the second line Bulgaria is very important, because if you want to build a terminal like the Balkan terminal, you can’t let yourself be crossed, it’s not just paying the transit fee olmaz used the phrase.

Zaharieva underlined that Bulgaria is trying to diversify its resources and Russian gas is very important for its country. “This attitude of the US is not new, but we defend the interests of Bulgaria. These interests are that we have different sources kaynak Bulgaria is trying to diversify its resources through pipes with Serbia, Greece and Romania, he added.

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