The price of pork hits the ceiling, so does the price of sausages



An increase in the prices of commercial sausages is expected by more than 10%. Atanas Urdjanov, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria (AMB), told Focus. He noted that he could not predict whether a new jump in the price of pork was expected because of the temporary ban on the movement of pigs from and to livestock establishments and slaughterhouses linked to new cases of African plague, as at the moment the meat being slaughtered it offers mostly fresh commercially, is expensive but not available.

“The situation in the industry is critical. Already in early 2019, we signaled that over 50% of livestock had been slaughtered in China due to African swine fever and the price of pork would rise a lot. And by the end of last year, the price of pork meat in Bulgaria has risen by over 60% Pork is not enough for the market in the country, it is no secret that we are working with raw materials from Europe – Germany, Denmark, Spain and France, but so high price has not been available so far. we expect an increase in the price of sausages Already at the end of November signals irahme retailers that we have to increase our prices by over 10% and is now expected to be adopted, “he said.


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