The Colombian military move northwest due to possible take of the Gulf Clan


BOGOTA (Sputnik) – The Command of the Seventh Division of the National Army of Colombia is deploying a military operation with more than 100 men before the possible presence of the organized armed group called Clan del Golfo in Pogue (northwest), reported the Colombian National Army .

“Given the information provided by the civilian population, about the presence of the organized armed group Clan del Golfo in the Pogue district, municipality of Bojaya, Choco, the National Army troops are currently carrying out a military operation with more than one hundred men,” the army said in a statement.
On January 1, the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission denounced that the Gulf Clan would have incommunicado and cornered the inhabitants of Bojaya.
According to BluRadio, the residents said they are at least 300 armed men who intimidated peasants, women and children.

For its part, the Army affirmed that the Command has ordered the insertion of 50 more men, with the aim of counteracting the intentions of the armed groups of the National Liberation Army and the Gulf Clan, who seek to take control of drug trafficking routes in this area.

The Army says that the armed structures of the Gulf Clan in this region have been affected “bluntly” in the last year, with 37 catches, 2 deaths in the development of military operations, 44 kilos of neutralized explosives, 1147 gallons of base of coca in process and 16 laboratories for the processing of destroyed narcotic drugs.

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