Sudanese coup attempt suppressed: 43 intelligence officers detained


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In Sudan, security forces detained 43 intelligence officers during an operation organized by the Operations Unit, which was closed to the Intelligence Organization.

According to local media reports, security forces have surrounded the headquarters of Kafuri in the capital, where armed forces since the noon have refused to surrender and refused to surrender with tanks and heavy weapons. Operation headquarters was under control.

43 intelligence officers were detained in connection with the incident, Sudanese intelligence, launched by members of the Operations Unit ‘rebellion ended as a result of negotiations and resisted intelligence officials said that the weapons delivered.

A military source noted that soldiers from the Operations Unit within the Intelligence Organization objected to the situation after the closure of the unit and the transfer of some members to different units or a retirement decision.

Some of the intelligence units within the Operations Unit, after the end of their duties on the grounds that they paid less than the army’s intelligence headquarters at various points in Khartoum and around the airport by initiating a coup attempt, refused to surrender to the security forces by opening fire.

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