Russian experts discuss Libyas planned conference in Berlin


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The talks held in Moscow with the participation of Libyan National Army Commander Khalifa Hafter and the National Memorandum Government (UMH) Prime Minister Fayiz es-Serrac confirmed that there were important differences of opinion between the parties, on the other hand, it provided an important basis for the peaceful settlement of the conflicts in Libya.

Sunday Berlin‘Will be held Libya ConferenceSputnik’e Russian experts, a few days after the meeting in Moscow to be held in Berlin, a positive conclusion of the conference is difficult to achieve and the situation in Libya is far from destabilizing.

January 19th Sunday will be held in Berlin in Libya Conference in the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain, Italy, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Algeria, Republic of Congo with the leaders as well as the EU and UN representatives of the National Reconciliation Government President Fayiz es Serrac and Libyan National Army Commander Caliph Hafter are expected to attend.

President of Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISI) and Middle East expert Yelena Suponina, Parties to the conflict in Libya and Turkey’s talks in Moscow with the participation in the preparation of the Berlin conference is an important step has specified the:

“The Moscow talks have revealed serious disagreements between the parties, but the fact that Serrac and Hafter have participated in these talks is already a success for me. This will greatly help the conference in Berlin.”

Emphasizing that the current situation is far from destabilizing Libya, Suponina continued his speech with the following words:

“Serracar of Turkey, Hafter’s if known and supported by Egypt and the UAE. Both Europeans as well as Russia, will continue to contact serious they continue with this regional countries, because without consensus with them is not possible to achieve a lasting peace in Libya. A truce even if it is achieved, it will already mean success. “

Moscow State Foreign University (MGIMO) Center for Middle East Studies expert Assoc. Yuriy Zinin shares similar views.

Stating that the conference to be held in Berlin will be held only a few days after the Moscow talks, Zinin pointed out that precision should be used in predicting the results:

“Given the long debate in Moscow, it is unlikely that a few days later will change the situation on the battlefield significantly. If Hafter does not make a positive decision, it is unlikely that the Berlin meeting that will take place a few days after Moscow will bring anything positive.”

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