Peru will expel foreigners who damaged temple in Machu Picchu citadel


LIMA (Sputnik) – The National Police of Peru said that 5 of the six foreigners who irregularly entered Machu Picchu on the eve, where they defecated and caused damage to the Inca citadel, will be expelled from the country.

“Five of the foreigners are in State Security (of Cusco, south), subject to an administrative process and it is understood that they will be subjected to an immediate expulsion process for having (…) attempted against the cultural heritage” , told the press conference the head of the VII Police Macro-region of Cusco-Apurimac, General Victor Andres Patino.

Foreigners who will be expelled are Argentines Magdalena Retamal and Leandro Sactiva; Brazilians Marion Martinez and Cristiano Da Silva, and Chile’s Favian Vera.
The sixth foreigner was identified as Nahuel Gomez, who remains in the police jail of the Machu Picchu district waiting for his situation to be determined.
“Nahuel Gomez, an Argentine citizen, has accepted that he has been the direct author of the attack, so he remains in (the district of) Machu Picchu to determine his situation,” said the police authority.

On Monday, vigilante personnel from the citadel captured foreigners, some of whom entered Peru irregularly.

Tourists accessed by a not allowed route to Machu Picchu, defecating on the archaeological remains and causing the rockfall in the area known as the Temple of the Sun.

Machu Picchu, considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, is Peru’s main tourist attraction, and receives about 1.5 million tourists a year, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

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