Nintendo amusement park in Japan should become a life-size video game | NOW


The Super Nintendo World amusement park in the Japanese city of Osaka should become a life-size video game, a news agency reporter writes Bloomberg who attended a press conference about the park on Tuesday. Among other things, it was announced there that visitors to the park will receive a bracelet that they can link to an app on their smartphone.

The bracelets follow the visitors as they walk through the park. There they can achieve different goals, compete against other visitors and collect digital coins.

Super Nintendo World becomes part of the Universal Studios amusement park in Osaka Japan. Little is known about the parts of the Nintendo Park, but according to Bloomberg the park is completely built in the style of Super Mario. We can also do one Mario Kart-tourism and several classic Nintendo locations pass by, including the Peach Castle.

The park must open its doors in the summer of 2020. Nintendo plans to build similar parks in Singapore, Los Angeles and Orlando later.


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