Mignolet: “Vanaken and Vormer are better than Firmino in that area”


Last season Simon Mignolet played for Liverpool. This season he will play for Club Brugge. During training Ruud Vormer and Hans Vanaken fool around with the goalkeeper, who is regularly reminded of Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah by the two.

In Het Laatste Nieuws, Mignolet talks about the football humor of Vanaken and Vormer. “When Ruud or Hans score on training, they shout:” That’s something different from Firmino and Salah, huh! ” Our relationship is very good. The atmosphere in training and the experience here is great. You can compare it with that in the national team. Club is a group of friends. ”
According to Mignolet, who works the best, his old or his current team mates? “Both Hans and Ruud are very good finishers. Firmino and Mo are of course incredible football players, but Firmino is not a born killer. Hans and Ruud should certainly not be inferior to ‘Bobby’ in terms of finishing. I even dare to say that Hans and Ruud on that better than Roberto Firmino. And that they are of a comparable level to Mo. ”


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