Israeli military intelligence: an opportunity for the US to kill Suleiman


Israeli intelligence, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Guards Qasim Solomon’s commander of the Jerusalem Force created by Israel to evaluate the opportunity found that the US.

The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper published the Israeli Military Intelligence (AMAN) 2020 forecasts report.

The report also mentioned the consequences of the US killing of Qasim Suleimani, the Jerusalem Force Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Army, in favor of Israel.

The killing of the United States Suleymani, Israel, Syria, Iranian targets in Syria to create more opportunities to hit the expressed expression, Iran’s nuclear program will continue to progress slowly recorded.

The report predicted that Iran could reach enough material to produce a single nuclear bomb within a year and could produce the missile that would carry it two years later.

On the other hand, Israeli intelligence, the West Bank announced that Hamas could win if elections are made.

If the elections are held in the West Bank Hamas’ın reported that the possibility of concluding in favor of the “violent resistance” non-supporters of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he was worried about leaving his post.

The report, which argued that Hamas is interested in a long-term ceasefire with Israel in Gaza, stressed that the Movement will continue to develop its military power, such as having more sensitive missiles in preparation for a possible war.

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