Is Russia the main beneficiary of the confrontation between the US and Iran?


The tension between the US and Iran, which are already resolving their relations in third countries, particularly in Iraq, creates not only new security risks, but also new conditions to determine who is who in Middle East politics, writes the journalist Russian newspaper Kommersant, Sergey Strokan.

According to Strokan, one of the consequences may be an increase in Russias regional role, which voluntarily or involuntarily becomes the main beneficiary of the confrontation between the United States and Iran. A growing number of factors could contribute to the growth of Moscow’s influence, the journalist explains.

First, Russia is the only world power which has enough influence to hold emergency rounds of emergency multilateral diplomacy with the participation of key global and regional actors.

Strokan seems very symbolic that Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first foreign visit to the Middle East, a few days after the assassination of Kassem Soleimani, visiting Damascus first and then Istanbul. Following the results of the negotiations with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the presidents of Russia and Turkey “strongly supported the solution of all problems in the Persian Gulf and in the region as a whole exclusively through peaceful methods in accordance with international law.”

On January 11, the problems of the Middle East will be discussed between Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is coming to Moscow.

“In addition, if the European allies of the United States are forced to be content with the role of the extras, just like China, which traditionally does not have much influence in the Middle East, the role of Russia can be fundamentally different,” the journalist from Kommersant

In a situation where Washington and Tehran will be forced to play the role of climbing, preserving their face, it is Moscow who must assume the role of a “crisis manager,” Strokan emphasizes.

“Secondly, the confrontation between the United States and Iran, Russias main competitors in the struggle for influence in Syria and the Middle East in general, paralyzes their hands and distracts them from solving other tasks. It is impossible to fight with equal effectiveness in several fronts, weakening each other, Washington and Tehran significantly expand the Middle East opportunities corridor for Moscow, which has managed to stay above the fray, “Strokan concludes.

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