Iraqchi: The British ambassador was arrested as an anonymous foreigner


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Abbas Arakchi responded to statements by EU foreign policy chief about the British ambassador’s arrest in Tehran.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Arakchi, responded to EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell’s comments on “the arrest of British Ambassador Rob Mcair in a student rally outside Amir Kabir University last night,” Sputnik reported.

Arakchi wrote: He was not arrested, but arrested as an anonymous foreigner in an illegal rally. When the police informed me they had arrested a man claiming to be a British ambassador, I said it was impossible. Surprisingly, I recognized him in a telephone conversation. He was released after 15 minutes and is now free.

Earlier, the British ambassador to Tehran said in a tweet: “I can confirm that I did not attend any demonstrations. I attended a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the Ukrainian plane accident. It was a normal desire to pay tribute to the victims, some of whom were British citizens. Five minutes later, when some started chanting, I left.

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