“Doctors of Sudan” publishes its field report on the events of the intelligence rebellion


The Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan said, through its official account on Facebook, that a young man was shot in the incidents that took place in the capital, Khartoum, today, while he became known in the media as an “intelligence rebellion.”

The committee noted in its field report that this afternoon, Tuesday, “innocent citizens were terrified by the sounds of ammunition in several locations in the capital, and it became clear that there is a revolt of the dissolved security agency operations in accordance with the constitutional document.”

The statement, published on the committee’s Facebook page, continued: “As a result, the security forces closed the streets and randomly hit bullets, causing psychological harm and exporting anxiety to the citizens.”

In its statement, the committee stressed that “a 15-year-old man was shot in the jaw by bullets from the operations forces of the dissolved operation.

The committee called on citizens to move away from the areas of engagement.

The Committee, speaking to the Sudanese people, said, “Our proud people, that the crises impeding the transition process require that we awake well in order to cut off the road to any attempt to return to military rule, and we demand the necessity of dismantling the security apparatus institution and turning it into an apparatus for collecting and analyzing information only in accordance with the provisions of the constitutional document.”

Today, the Sudanese Professionals Caucus issued an “urgent appeal” to state agencies for immediate intervention, after hearing gunfire from the buildings of the General Intelligence and Security Service, on Tuesday morning.

The gathering said in a statement published by “Facebook” that “residents of Riyadh’s Kafoury neighborhoods in the airport district and a number of neighborhoods in Khartoum, were terrified by live ammunition sounds from the buildings of the General Intelligence and Security Service, and the sounds of bullets are still continuing with the lock of the streets leading to those areas”

The statement added: “Reports indicate a rebel forces affiliated with the Operations Authority amid suspicious blackout from the state’s official media.”

The Sudanese Professionals Group affirmed that “it rejects any attempt to create chaos, intimidate citizens and use weapons, whatever the justifications.”

The statement called on all citizens in these areas to take precaution and caution, enter inside homes, close doors and windows tightly, and not approach them until conditions stabilize. It also called on the regular state agencies to intervene immediately to stop these irresponsible operations that caused the export of anxiety to citizens within neighborhoods.

The gathering appealed to the resistance committees and the revolutionary forces not to interfere and monitor the situation until its stability.

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