David Hale: US is against Turkish Stream going through Bulgaria


David Hale PHOTO: Reuters

The United States is opposed to the second line of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, designed to supply gas to Southeast Europe through Bulgaria, as they view it as a geostrategic project for Russia, Deputy State Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale, who is No. 3, told the BNR at the US Department of State.

“We are aware that energy security is very important to Europe and we understand that when our allies have secure access to energy, they are stronger, more reliable allies.”

“The problem is that Moscow has other views. Moscow uses its energy sources as a political instrument to exert influence, to divide Europe. North Stream 2 and Turkish Stream second line are a problem because they do not provide energy diversification for Europe. They are destabilizing Ukraine because Russia has the opportunity to bypass pipelines in Ukrainian territory. ”

“We think they give Russia another means to impose itself on Europe and thus contribute to instability.”

The United States will continue its support for the modernization of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, the construction of a tamper-proof 5G communications network and the strengthening of the rule of law in our country, Hale said.

“Here in America, we are optimistic about Bulgarias development in this regard, and we continue to work with you to strengthen democracy, the rule of law and the fight against corruption. We recently agreed to hold a dialogue on constitutional reform and the accountability of the judiciary. We welcome that Bulgaria has taken the lead on a number of regional issues. But Bulgarias strength depends on the strength of its democracy, “the US diplomat said.

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