Critical flaw in Mozilla Firefox fixed by the first update 2020


Sputnik France

The Mozilla Firefox 72.0.1 browser was updated for the first time this year: it has new features and has also fixed a critical flaw in the system, the company said.

A critical “0 Day” security flaw in the previous version of Mozilla Firefox, released in early January, has been fixed with the new update 72.0.1, the company said. The Mozilla Foundation had been alerted by CISA, the United States’ computer security agency, and has made a correction. On this occasion, other functionalities were introduced in the new edition of the system.

Among others, a picture-in-picture (PIP) option is now available on macOS and Linux systems.

What’s more, Mozilla Firefox has incorporated new data protection features. This is the default blocking of fingerprint capture scripts.

In addition, requests to allow notifications in Firefox can be blocked. As a result, requests will now be less troublesome. This novelty was introduced following an avalanche of complaints from Internet users who often feel inundated by all the dialog boxes.

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