Chief of General Staff Guler met with US counterpart, Syria


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Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Guler met with US Chief of General Staff Gen. Mark Milley in Brussels, Belgium, where he went as part of NATO Chiefs of General Staff meeting.

US Chief of Staff spokesman Colonel grandfather Halfhill, in his written statement, “Chief of General Staff Gen. Mark Miller, Turkey Chief of Staff in Brussels today met with Gen. Yaşar Guler. Discussed the importance of Turkish-American cooperation in the security situation and of the two commanders Syria. We value the two strategic relationship with the US Turkey. ” found.

The chiefs of staff of 29 NATO member states met in Brussels to discuss key issues on the alliance’s agenda. The two-day meeting will be chaired by Gen. Stuart Peach, NATO Military Committee President.

The main agenda items of the meeting were NATO’s defense and deterrence capability, the Iraq training mission, the Stable Support Mission in Afghanistan, the peacekeeping force in Kosovo known as KFOR, relations with Russia and partners.

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