Ajax linked to AZ stars: “I think it is special that they should go to Ajax right away”


AZ trainer Arne Slot is sometimes surprised about Ajax’s long arm in the Netherlands. Myron Boadu and Calvin Stengs are associated with the Amsterdam club, while Slot himself is seen as a potential successor to Erik ten Hag.

AZ is in the Eredivisie halfway through the season, three points behind leader Ajax. Finally, the dreamed-up successor to Ten Hag is mentioned. “That’s nice, because it means that you are doing very well,” he responds for the camera of the NOS.
“Not only am I linked to reputable clubs, that also applies to our players”, Slot continues, who has something to add to that. “I think it is special that if it goes equally well with an AZ player, the name of Ajax must be linked to it right away.”
“We are three points behind at the moment, so I don’t understand why that always happens. At Boadu and Stengs you also hear Ajax, Ajax, Ajax right away. Why does everyone who does it equally well need to go to Ajax right away?”


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