5 ISIS people arrested in Ankara, received instructions for action to celebrate New Year’s Eve


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In Ankara, the operation against ISIS before the New Year was taken into custody, 4 of which were arrested, 1 of the 5 suspects released, they were instructed to take action to celebrate the New Year celebrations in the Red Crescent.

Ankara Anti-Terror Branch and Intelligence Branch teams detained 5 Iraqi nationals who were determined to search for weapons and supplies for the action in an operation against ISIS on 31 December. After questioning the police, 4 of the suspects who were referred to the court were arrested and 1 was released on condition of judicial control.

The computer and mobile phones of suspects in the investigation, bomb making and military training videos were found. The training videos included educational footage of members of the organization to children.

Correspondence appeared

In the meantime, 5 suspects M.E.B.E.B.’nin, in order to make action in the city on behalf of the organization contact with members of social media accounts learned.
In his testimony, he stated that he had been instructed to take action for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Red Crescent with the guard and police stations. “You hear the news of death,” he said.

Proposal of action for guards

Z.M.T.M.C.L., whose photographs were taken with the members of the organization during the examination, made an offer to M.E.M.E.B. however, he said he did not fear it.

One of the suspects, İ.M.H.H.’nin statement, took part in the organization at the beginning of the health unit, then the mine laying unit and said that he received training on the placement of bombs. A.m.h.h.’n also taken into custody, their correspondence in social media account to action against the person who reported the members of the organization in Turkey that needs a silenced weapon was learned that the said. One of the suspects, M.H.H. also allegedly worked as an administrative officer in the organization.

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