Zonguldak Mayor Alan forbids cardboard collection


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Zonguldak AK Party Mayor Omar Selim Alan, the city has banned cardboard collection. Citizens who provide their livelihood by collecting cardboard, "Let's begging, do we steal? Selim Alan will look after our children?" They reacted to President Alan.

According to the news of BirGun daily Aycan Karadağ, Mayor of AK Party Zonguldak Example: selim alanbanned cardboard collection. The application will start from Tuesday.

After the decision to protest the ban cardboard collectors gathered in the marketplace behind the town hall, asked President Alan to put an end to the ban.

'OWill Selim Alan take care of our children? '

Cardboard collector for nearly 20 years Sevda Sesver, Karagulmez Gezmez, Enough Iron, Silk Rich, Sevim Kocaklı and Escape from Çiğdem As a result of the decision from the markets no longer cardboard collector said they wanted to return to this decision.

Sevda Sesver stated that all 4 children are unemployed, "The mayor used to hug us when he saw us before the election. I'm going to him for three days now. He doesn't let him in. Zonguldak makes his living by collecting about 30 families in cartons. No one gives us a job because he is a Roma citizen. ? " he said.

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