Zemmour tried in January for comments on Islam and immigration


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The polemicist Eric Zemmour must be tried on January 22 before the Paris Criminal Court for a virulent charge against immigration and Islam pronounced at the end of September during a "convention of the right", AFP learned Tuesday from source close to the file, confirming information from the Parisian.

The journalist is summoned by the Paris public prosecutor's office for "public insult of a racial nature" and for "public provocation to racial hatred," the source said.

Éric Zemmour will have to answer the remarks made on September 28th during this "Convention of the Right" organized by relatives of former far-right MP Marion Marechal.

In his speech, broadcast in full and live on LCI, he attacked, among others, immigrants "colonizers" and "Islamization of the street".

"In France, as in all of Europe, all our problems are aggravated-I do not say created-by immigration: school, housing, unemployment, social deficits, public debt, public order, prisons, professional qualifications, emergency hospitals, drugs … And all our problems aggravated by immigration are aggravated by Islam. It's double jeopardy, "said Zemmour.

A few days after the outcry aroused by his remarks, the Paris prosecutor had announced the opening of an investigation.

"When we were heard (by the investigators, ed), we were never able to determine what are the passages of the speeches which were reproached," was surprised the lawyer of Mr. Zemmour, Olivier Pardo, joined by AFP.

"We learned through the media this summons when neither I nor my client received this quote," he added.

"In the 10 cases concerning Mr. Zemmour" for disputed remarks, "we got eight releases," said the lawyer. "Therefore, the prosecution should not confuse precipitation with respect for the procedure".
In mid-October, Éric Zemmour became the star of CNews' "Face the News".
In this program, many of these interventions sparked controversy. On 3 December, the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) also sent a formal notice to the Canal + news channel, for statements by Zemmour on Islam and the colonization of the Algeria.

In mid-September, Éric Zemmour was finally sentenced, after the dismissal of his cassation appeal, to a fine of € 3,000 for provoking religious hatred after anti-Muslim remarks this time in 2016, in the program "C a you "on France 5.

In the latter case, his lawyer filed an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights.

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