"You have to bear the results" … Hariri comments on Ibn Salman's talk about Aoun



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Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri's media office responded to reports that Hariri had received a letter from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman telling him, "You have to bear the results of Aoun's candidacy for the presidency."

Hariri 's press office said in a statement on Thursday: "The journalist Sarkis Naoum in his article published yesterday," that the outgoing President Saad Hariri contacted his friend since the days of university in Georgetown, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al – Jubeir, and asked him To convey his greetings and peace to the long-lived Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and inquire about his guidance and positions.

He added that the Crown Prince's reply through Jubeir: "His Highness the Crown Prince is salute and recognizes you and tells you when you were with him and told him to nominate or intend to nominate Michel Aoun for the presidency objected to this. I replied that you will elect him and that you will be responsible for the results of this position. ".

"This communication did not take place," the media office said in a statement. "Everything in the so-called imagined dialogue is not true at all and has nothing to do with the truth."

Since October 17, Lebanon has been witnessing widespread and ongoing popular protests demanding the dissolution of parliament, early elections and the abolition of sectarian quotas in politics, which many see as a reason for the government's ineffectiveness.

Less than two weeks after the outbreak of the protests, Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned in response to protesters' demands.

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