Yemen … Transitional Council forces mobilized to prevent the first army force from returning to Aden


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The forces of the Southern Transitional Council (NTC) announced on Wednesday the state of alert to prevent a convoy of the Yemeni army of the legitimate government from reaching the provisional capital of Aden in southern Yemen.

Cairo – Sputnik. The media center for the security belt forces in Abyan province, said that "Commander Brigadier Abdul Latif al-Sayyed, directed all sectors to raise combat readiness and maximum preparedness and wait for instructions to respond to reform militias that do not respect the covenants and charters," referring to the Yemeni army.
"While we welcome the Riyadh agreement and respect for the covenants and conventions, we will not remain indifferent to any action by the terrorist reform party against our men from the belt and southern combat forces," the center quoted Brigadier Sayyed as saying.

He stressed "the defense of the land and the people in Abyan in particular and the south in general."

He accused the commander of the security belt in Abyan, the Yemeni army, "to strike all agreements to disregard and ignore the interest of the people, and put friends and brothers in the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE in an embarrassing situation before the world."

Earlier in the day, a Yemeni army force consisting of 70 vehicles and vehicles led by the armament corner of the Presidential Protection Brigades, Lieutenant Colonel Said Saleh bin Ma'ili, from Shabwa governorate in southeastern Yemen, moved to the southern governorate of Abyan en route to the temporary capital of Aden to be stationed at Maasheq Palace. Presidential.

The force is the first military formation belonging to the legitimate government, which will return to Aden since the signing of the Riyadh agreement on November 5 by the Yemeni government and the transitional council to end tensions between the two parties over the control of the transitional forces on the interim capital on August 10, following four days of clashes. According to the United Nations, 40 people have been killed and 260 wounded.

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