Winners of the Grammy Los Van Van, 50 years reflecting the joy and music of Cuba


HAVANA (Sputnik) – The Cuban salsa orchestra Los Van Van, winner of two Grammy Awards, is a reflection of its people, the president of the Latin Institute of Music (ILM), Daniel Martin, told Sputnik after half a century of the foundation of this emblematic island group.

"They are popular for being the reflection of the people, and that not only has national value, but exposes them as an international musical treasure that has been awarded not only with Grammy, but with the applause and respect of the great stars of the music, "the also vice president of the Batuta Prize organization told Sputnik.

After 50 years of maintaining the popularity of Cuban dancers, the Los Van Van orchestra continues to set the tone in popular music on the island, where it is known as The train within the most significant groupings.
In 2000 he won the Grammy Award in the category of Best Salsa Album, awarded by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States, and a Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, in 2013, to its director and founder, Juan Formell (1942-2014).
"Formell and Los Van Van, the first Cultural Ambassador orchestra of the Latin Institute of Music, has known how to be the voice of a dancing people, of ordinary people who complain jokingly Havana can't take it anymore, who sings to his faith Oh God, Amparame and his loves Black is cooking"added Martin Subiat.

The Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, also greeted the fiftieth anniversary of this popular orchestra in his Twitter social network account, praising the influence of musicians in the national culture.

"Congratulations Van Van. With you we will always dance the best Cuban music," said the president.

Considered as chroniclers of the reality of the island, Los Van Van have made many of their followers dance on stages in Latin America, Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

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