Why Russia showed the US the avant-garde missile complex


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The presentation of the new Russian "avant-garde" supersonic collection to Americans was intended to encourage the United States to renew the New START contract.

According to Sputnik, Columbia University professor Robert Legold described it.

The missile complex caused a very nervous reaction for Americans. The complex was to be deployed to the Russian Armed Forces by the end of this year. In late November, the avant-garde was shown to American experts. The Ministry of Defense noted that the Russian side has conducted the play with the aim of cooperating to ensure the viability and effectiveness of the agreement on the New START Treaty (bilateral nuclear weapons reduction treaty).

"The Moscow initiative, in my opinion, increased US attention to the renewal of the New START agreement because without this agreement the parties would not be able to supervise each other's nuclear stockpile, including the avant-garde complex," Legold said. »

But the expert believes that working on this initiative and idea is a big question.

"I doubt it," he said. "I don't think Americans will say: This is really a good reason to keep the deal."

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