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The most elegant, intelligent and talented women from all corners of the planet will compete for the crown of the 68th edition of the Miss Universe beauty contest, which will be held on December 9 in the American city of Atlanta.

Sputnik invites you to meet the representatives of the countries of Latin America – and also a Spanish one – who seek to obtain the title of Miss Universe.

Argentina – Mariana Varela

The Argentine representative is 23 years old and considers herself "an independent woman." She is an activist against gender violence – she works alongside the movement #FearNo– since, according to herself, she suffered this type of violence in the past. The main objective of Varela, who is also the daughter of Kurdish parents, is to promote gender equality throughout the planet.

Bolivia – Fabiana Hurtado

Fabiana, 21, collaborates with several social organizations, including Smile train —Which is dedicated to performing free surgeries to children suffering from cleft lip— or Jessika Borda, which helps women victims of gender violence.

Brazil – Julia Horta

The Brazilian candidate studied journalism at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. Now it is a influencer which has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Through your Active Voice project, share your knowledge about meditation, feminism, self-awareness and empowerment. She is also an ambassador for the feminine project Plano de Menina.

Chile – Geraldine Gonzalez

The Chilean aspirant is not only a model and lawyer, but also an aspiring bomber. He has been training for five months at the Seventh Fire Company of Conchali.

"My fireman uncle saved my life. I drowned drinking milk and he applied resuscitation techniques he had learned at the Seventh Fire Company of Conchali. He inspired me to be a firefighter," he revealed in an interview.

Colombia – Gabriela Tafur Nader

Colombian beauty fights for gender equality and for a safe world for future generations. She also has a law degree from the Universidad de los Andes and loves to play piano and violin, besides playing volleyball and driving.

Costa Rica – Paola Chacon Fuentes

The representative of the Central American country is the spokeswoman for the organization Genesis Foundation, which helps the homeless and in a situation of extreme poverty. He is a sports lover and has a long history in beauty contests both in Costa Rica and internationally.

Dominican Republic – Clauvid Daly

The Dominican was born in the US and is fluent in Spanish, English and French. In addition, he is studying for get your pilot license. The young woman is convinced that preparation, passion and diplomacy are able to unite and empower women and girls around the world.

Ecuador – Cristina Hidalgo

Hidalgo is a former tennis player who was forced to retire due to an autoimmune disease. Now, he works on the creation in his country of a Foundation for the investigation of immunological diseases.

El Salvador – Zuleika Soler

The representative of El Salvador is an artist and works with an organization that teaches children affected by poverty to think creatively.

Honduras – Rosemary Arauz

Honduran beauty has its own jewelry brand. In addition, it collaborates with the Abrigo Foundation, an organization that offers free accommodation to poor families who visit their loved ones in the hospital. He also disguises himself to encourage hospitalized children.

Mexico – Sofia Aragon

Born in Guadalajara, Sofia is a writer who helps people suffering from depression. She is convinced that compassion and understanding are the key to empowering people around the world.

Nicaragua – Ines Lopez

Ines, 19, loves spending time with children. He hopes to create a foundation that helps people with HIV / AIDS.

Panama – Mehr Eliezer

The Panamanian participant She is the daughter of immigrants and was born in New Delhi (India). He has two academic degrees and speaks English, Hindu, Spanish, Tagalog and Portuguese.

The young woman collaborates with several organizations that fight against prostitution, homelessness, drug addiction and HIV / AIDS. She is also a strong ally of the LGBTQ + community and works as a volunteer in the refugee camps on the Panamanian border.

Paraguay – Ketlin Lottermann

The representative of Paraguay works as a volunteer in an institution that provides support, care and education to children in conditions of extreme poverty. He studied physiotherapy and worked as a volunteer in a nursing home.

Peru – Kelin Rivera

The Peruvian named vicuna wool ambassador by the Government of his country, he supports the communities that sell this type of wool. She also works as a lawyer in the governmental organization INABIF, which helps children and adolescents abandoned or abused by their families. Rivera is also a spokeswoman for the Peruvian Police Department.

Spain – Natalie Ortega

The representative of Spain in Miss Universe is half Norwegian and leads an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, he volunteers at the homeless shelters in Barcelona. Ortega also collaborates with the non-governmental organization Open arms, dedicated to the rescue of migrants and African refugees in the Mediterranean.

Uruguay – Fiona Tenuta Vanerio

The Uruguayan candidate is considered "self-taught", and he likes to learn something new every day. His musical idol is the leader of the Rolling Stones band, Mick Jagger. It supports the non-governmental organization SOS Punta Colorada, which helps marine fauna return to their natural habitat.

Venezuela – Thalia Olvino

Olvino, a native of the northeastern state of Delta Amacuro, won the Miss Venezuela crown in early August. The 20-year-old girl studies Management and Administrative Sciences and defines herself as an independent, enterprising, brave and confident person, with a calm and cordial personality.

Which of the candidates has more opportunities to take the crown of Miss Universe?

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