When motorists fear the worst: 800 service stations in short supply in France


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In anticipation of the December 5 strike, a fuel shortage is spreading across the country. According to information from RTL, the blockage of oil depots currently leaves more than 400 fully dry gas stations and another 400 partially broken.

This December 3, about 400 service stations are dry due to the blockage of five oil depots in the west of the country by construction professionals, reports RTL, adding that 400 others are in partial rupture.

According to Franceinfo, nearly 500 service stations are out of order and about 70 are partially broken.
At issue: the abolition of the reduced tax on non-road diesel against which public works professionals rise.
The blockages extend to the deposits of Vern-sur-Seiche, Brest, Lorient and Le Mans in the west of the country, particularly affected by social discontent. At the same time, while the movement is gaining momentum for the December 5th strike, the first shortages have been reported in Île-de-France and in the Marseille region.

The prefect of Finistere requisition service stations

On 1 December, the prefect of Finistere issued a decree allowing the privileged supply of priority vehicles in several service stations of the department.

He referred to "the reduction of available stocks in large cities and the resulting supply difficulties for the services entrusted with a priority mission". Several sites have been requisitioned to facilitate access to fuel for emergency vehicles in particular.

The gendarmes unblock the Rennes oil depot

In the night of Monday to Tuesday, the access to the oil depot of Vern-sur-Seiche, in the suburbs of Rennes, were released in order to ensure the supply of the service stations, announced the prefecture.

"The operation was calm. The supply of tankers will be able to resume from 9:30, "said AFP Augustin Cellard, chief of staff of the prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine Michele Kirry. Two people were taken into custody, according to Mr.Cellard.

December 5th will be marked by the first day of national mobilization against the pension reform.

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