What is the death toll of Iranian protests?


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Iranian judicial authorities have misinterpreted information about "hostile groups" on the number of unrest victims.

A spokesman for the Iranian judiciary, Gholamhossein Esmaili, said: "There is no information about the victims of the disturbances in mid-November."

Quote: Figures and data declared by hostile groups are incorrect.

Ismaili also noted: The figures expressed by these "hostile groups" include those who are actually alive or who died in conditions that were not related to the protests and the riots.

Ismaili did not specify which organizations or groups he was targeting, but did not provide official information about the victims from Iranian authorities.

Amnesty International had earlier reported 208 deaths in Iran during the demonstration. It relies on data from "credible sources" and points out that the figure may be higher. Amnesty International video footage shows that Iranian security officials were allowed to shoot at unarmed demonstrators.

A spokesperson for the judiciary also noted that the number of detainees is now "minimal" and that most detainees have been released. Iranian media reported that Iranian parliamentarian Hossein Naqavi Hosseini had earlier announced that about 7,000 people had been arrested in recent unrest.

In all, as previously reported by Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Fazli, 130 to 200,000 people participated in the protests, but officials insisted that the protests and discontent should be distinguished from the disturbances. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that a small number of people who had been disturbed by the recent protests were present.

In mid-November, protests were held in many Iranian cities over authorities' decision to raise gas prices and introduce quotas. Some were peaceful, others armed with property damage. The victims were both reported as rioters and security officials.

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