What do our troops do outside the border? Controversy in France after Assad's meeting with "Paris Match"


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's recent meeting with French magazine Paris Match on November 28 opened the door to questions in French media about the presence of French troops in Syria.

French President Emmanuel Macron used the NATO summit to respond to criticism by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the previous day, which accused France of "supporting terrorism." Emmanuel Macron told the press after receiving NATO Secretary General: "We have been steadfast since "We are fighting against one enemy," Daesh (banned in Russia) in Syria, according to Match.

By observing a series of comments by citizens about the deployment of French troops in a number of countries in the French newspaper "Port", they can be seen not wanting the presence of French troops outside the border.

For example, a person on behalf of Francis commented: "Sacrifice them for companies, for uranium or other nuclear dirt, not for their country, but for business!"

One person commented on behalf of Asmal, "Who told them to go there?" And another person on behalf of Adam D. "They are there to exploit the wealth in these countries .. And any revolution (yellow jackets) and considers jihadist and terrorist You have lied enough, we are not Deceived, "said someone named Tatov in" We threw bombs and went back to France! ".

The killing of soldiers in Mali exploded the problem

The killing of French soldiers (13 soldiers) in the collision of two planes in the dark after being called to provide air support, to pour oil on the fire.

"The only losers for the poor soldiers are their wives, their families and friends," said one person, Moh. H. "Unfortunately, they did not defend France but defended the interests of multinationals plundering those countries." Another asked, "What is France doing in Africa?"

"The way to selectively intervene in Libya, Mali, Syria and Palestine is not new, but we must stick to this public hypocrisy," she said. "France-Africa's biased policy is over. We have told Sachkkem to Santa Claus."

Another commented on behalf of Vincent de "France is not at war, but it is fighting the war and killing its children !!".

"French soldiers act everywhere to defend the interests of fascists in the government and to plunder Africa, Sarkozy reminds him that he has not finished his heinous work," commented Bernard Gee.

Areas where French troops are deployed outside their borders

According to the newspaper "Port" French soldiers participate in two external operations, called "opex". The first is the operation "Barkhan" France mobilized 4,500 troops in Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad, under the pretext of fighting terrorism from its source.

The second is Operation Chamal, carried out by about 1,000 French troops in Syria and Iraq, under the pretext of fighting ISIS outside the border.

France is the largest country exported terrorists "Daesh" to Syria!

According to the European Center for the Study of Counter-Terrorism, France tops the list of European countries that export the most foreign fighters, most of them joined the ranks of the Islamic State (banned terrorist organization in Russia), and estimated (1200) terrorists, most of them fighting in Syria.

France's largest administrative court rejected the application of "French extremists" in Syria to return to the country on April 24, 2019, arguing that "the court does not have jurisdiction over a decision concerning French diplomacy."

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