Warning to iPhone 11 Pro users: Apple always knows where you are


The new iPhone 11 Pro uses according to the security expert Brian Krebs the location of its owner, even if this should not be with disabled data sharing.

Krebs has turned off access to the location for all apps in the system settings of the iPhone 11 Pro smartphone in flight mode. Nevertheless, he saw in the status bar that the localization is detected. The GPS indicator continued to appear despite the completely disabled data release.
He pointed out that the problem had already been described earlier in some users' forum posts. Krebs believed he had discovered a mistake and turned to Apple for comment. The answer stated that this was a normal behavior of the device.
"We see no actual security implications," wrote an Apple employee at the request of "KrebsOnSecurity".

Details of these system processes, which can not be deactivated, did not make the company.

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