Vucic: If Putin was president in 1999, NATO would not bomb Serbia


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Speaking about NATO's attacks on Yugoslavia in 1999, Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic said, "If Putin were president at that time, NATO would not have bombed Serbia."

President of Russia Vladimir PutinVucic, speaking at a joint press conference after his meeting with Sochi, said the Serbian people most recently Russian leader He stressed that Serbs trust Moscow's support for the sovereignty of their country.

"If Putin was president in 1999, Serbia would not have been bombed, we believe it," said Vucic, recalling that the UN bill, which was presented by the United States and Britain to recognize the 1995 Srebrenica massacre as genocide, was blocked by Russia's veto. stressed that he will never forget.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic previously told the Russian press that the number of Serbs in the region, which was 400,000 in 1999, was only 100,000 today, and that NATO was the result of the bombing of Yugoslavia. "After 1999, 300,000 Serbs left this territory. Nobody We are grateful to Russia for their help at that time. If Putin were president, they would not dare to bomb us. "

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