Vice President Legal: The government's assessment is based on the extent of the people's rights and freedoms


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The vice president of legal affairs announced that a bill guaranteeing the freedom of assembly and demonstrations was prepared and recently submitted to the government to provide conditions for peaceful and civil protest.

"The constitution is the national charter of the government and the people for how to run the country and guarantee the rights of the people," said Leia Jenidi at a meeting of the scientific council of the Iranian vice president for legal observance of the 40th anniversary of the constitution. " He also stressed: "Given the special responsibility of the President in enforcing the Constitution pursuant to Article 113 of the Constitution and delegating the powers of the Vice-President to the Legal Vice-President, this Vice-President has the critical task of preparing the necessary provisions and conditions for the implementation of the Constitution. The extent of the executive branch across the country and the need to monitor the implementation of the constitution by the executive branch and to report violations of the constitution by the executive branch or other government agencies and even some people, to some extent, have provided legal assistance. Turns into some of the most important constitutional agents. "

The Vice President's legal adviser also noted: "In fact, these rights and freedoms are also the philosophy of the whole constitution, so it can be said, first of all, that this part of the constitution, the principles of the rights and freedoms of the people, have substantially overlapped with other principles. Within the framework of the Iranian government, which can be likened to the structure of a corporation and partnership for all Iranian people, the shura council is the general assembly of this partnership, and the government that manages the partnership and the judiciary Inspected by this enormous partnership, they have the task of leading the country in the path of securing rights Governing and directing the freedoms of the people and safeguarding the interests of the people, and the President should also be particularly responsible for its implementation, otherwise the broad and lengthy government apparatus at its expense for the people and its burden on the agents. It won't cost. "

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