US senators threatening to impose sanctions Turkey from Russia reviews


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Russian Federation Council Deputy Chairman Ilyas Umahanov, US senators of the S-400 from the due sanction application that prints made clearly to Ankara's recommendations Turkey has stated the need to respond to threats analyze this step.

Vice-President of the Federation Council of the upper house of the Russian Parliament Ilyas UmahanovRepublican Party in Sputnik Lindsey Graham with the Democratic Party Chris Van HollenFrom Russia S-400 The letter containing the call for sanctions on the grounds that Turkey received missile defense system applications related to the assessment found the news that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Send.

Umahanov, the letter in question Moscow and Ankara In his answer to the question of whether it will affect the cooperation between “Although this is not an obligation that Pompeo should follow, perhaps we should not talk about our cooperation with Ankara after such exits. Congress is so clearly not only Pompeo, in fact we should talk about relations between Turkey indirectly to the print media in his principal Turkey and the USKul he said.

Russia's military-technical and ‘Astana processUmahanov pointed out that he has fulfilled all commitments he has undertaken in the context of the agreements reached in binary format.

"We fulfill our commitments, Turkey is fulfilling its commitments regarding the delivery of the missile defense system. Americans act like an elephant who entered the glassware shop, thinking that every decision taken in the US should be the law for all others as before. Of course something like that won't happen.".

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