"US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 will hit EU sovereignty"


A German expert warned against the adoption by Washington of sanctions against companies related to the Nord Stream 2 project. According to him, they risk damaging EU sovereignty but also damaging transatlantic relations.

The imposition by the United States of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be a direct blow to the sovereignty of the European Union, said Sputnik President of the Association of German Companies Eastern Europe (OAOEV) Oliver Hermes.

These measures will provoke a rise in hydrocarbon prices for Europeans and will hurt American projects in Europe, he says.

"If these sanctions come into effect, it will be a blow to the sovereignty of the European Union and will be a fatal signal for the peace efforts of Paris," said the expert.

Transatlantic relations at risk

Restrictive measures will also negate the Russia-Ukraine negotiations on renewed gas transit "After years of inaction" at the recent Normandy summit in Paris.

All the required approvals have been obtained for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, so the US moves may be more than an ugly act that will deteriorate transatlantic relations, Hermes said.

Anti-pipeline sanctions

The Armed Forces Committee of the House of Representatives and the Armed Forces Committee of the US Senate have adopted the defense budget for fiscal year 2020. It provides for sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream pipelines as part of the to contain Russia under the pretext of "protecting" European energy security.

The Nord Stream 2 project involves the construction of two pipes with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year linking the Russian coast to Germany via the Baltic Sea. It was developed by the Russian company Gazprom, in cooperation with European companies Engie, OMV, Shell, Uniper and Wintershall.

The Turkish Stream is to be launched on January 8 and to connect the South of Russia via the Black Sea to the European part of Turkey.

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