US officials confiscate ship loaded with parts of Iranian missiles destined for "Ansar Allah" in Yemen


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A US Navy warship has seized a ship loaded with parts of Iranian missiles bound for Ansar Allah (Houthis) in Yemen, US officials said on Wednesday.

The news agency "Associated Press" American remarks on the tongue of US officials, who declined to be identified.
The sources said that the US Navy and the US Coast Guard teams, on Wednesday stopped a small ship, in the north of the Sea of ​​Arabia, and found Iranian weapons.

She explained that the parts of those missiles, were sophisticated components, the first time the Houthis get such.

The officials said: "This incident shows the continuation of illegal arms smuggling to the Houthis."

According to US officials, the warship "USS Forest Sherman" during its routine naval patrols, was able to observe a small boat, with a group of sailors and does not fly the flag of any country.

"The navy and coast guard stopped the boat and searched it to find those weapons."

US officials did not provide the exact number of such rockets or their parts, but merely described them as a "big treasure", because they would have transferred techniques to the Houthis that had not reached them before.

The US forces dragged the boat to the nearby coasts secured by the Yemeni Coast Guard, and Iranian weapons were transferred to the US ship.

The magazine "Newsweek" has published a long report, saying that Iran is currently using "drones" to control US military sites and a number of other military and security sites in the Middle East.

The magazine quoted US military personnel in the Middle East: "used force for Iranian foreign operations, what he called the drones suicide."

Military and intelligence officials told Newsweek, who declined to be identified: "US forces are using new technologies to overcome drones, especially those using C4i (control of headquarters, communications and computer) near US positions in the region."

"This activity also indicates that a number of Iranian-friendly regional militias, operating under orders from the Qods Force, are conducting surveys in preparation for future attacks using drones," US officials said.

A senior Pentagon official said there were signs of possible future hostilities by Iran amid mounting tension between the Islamic Republic and the United States.

John Rudd, the Pentagon's third-ranking official, told reporters the United States had concerns about possible Iranian behavior but did not provide details of the information on which those concerns were based or of any timetable.

The Pentagon had allowed the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to enter the Gulf waters and visit a port in Bahrain during the Thanksgiving holiday, but officials said that given the threat, the precautions were taken, although they did not say what those precautions were.

Tensions have surged in the Gulf since a summer attack on oil tankers, including off the coast of the UAE, and a major attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Washington accuses Iran of responsibility for the attacks, but Iran denies this.

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