US constitutional experts support Trump's 'dismissal process'


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US constitutional law experts, President Donald Trump'a opinion on the dismissal process.

The Justice Committee, which took over the dismissal investigation of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, held the first session of Trump's investigation of the dismissal.

Speaking at the session, four law professors said whether Trump's actions would lead to the dismissal decision.

Harvard University Professor of Law Professor Noah Feldman, Stanford Professor of Law Professor Pamela S. Karlan and North Carolina Professor of Law Professor Michael Gerhardt testified on behalf of Democrats, while George Washington University Professor of Law Jonathan Turley testified on behalf of Republicans.

Democrats' witnesses support the process of dismissal

Feldman, the United States "founding fathers" in line with the rules drawn by the views and in this context, Trump's actions on Ukraine, argued that the constitutional definition of criminal offense argued.

Karlan and Gerhardt are also trump's political rivals, according to the findings. Joe Biden It is seen that he has been pressuring Ukraine to open an investigation against him and it requires dismissal under "political blackmail".

"There's no evidence that Trump committed a crime"

Turley, a Republican witness, claimed that there was no evidence that Trump had committed a clear crime.

Yesterday, the Democrats' US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee issued a 300-page report, which concluded that Trump was "abusing his mandate" in connection with the charge of the impeachment of Trump.

Approving the report by majority vote, the committee handed over the process to the House of Representatives Justice Commission, which was responsible for writing the dismissal decision.

What's in the report?

"There is clear evidence that Trump is using his office to press Ukraine to declare an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden," the 300-page report released today by the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives under Democrats control. is included.

However, it is worth noting that Trump has been accused of two different categories of "military assistance to Ukraine and the White House meeting on condition that the investigations that would benefit the 2020 election campaign be made public".

If the Justice Committee approves, it will go to general voting

The report will be sent to the Justice Committee, with the first session of tomorrow's dismissal investigation expected.

In accordance with US laws, if the dismissal application is accepted by the Justice Committee as a result of the investigation report prepared by the relevant committees, it will be put to vote in the General Assembly of the House of Representatives.

The draft will go to the Senate, where the majority of the members of the House of Representatives receive the vote of acceptance, and the US President Trump's judicial process will begin.

Rejection investigation against Trump

The informant who leaked to the press in September and claimed that Donald Trump told Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy that the US would help his country in case he investigated his rival Joe Biden and his family in a telephone conversation on July 25 fired the roving of the charge.

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