US bans entry to former Guatemalan minister Sinibaldi and his family


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WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The State Department banned entry into US territory to former Guatemalan Communications Minister Alejandro Sinibaldi due to his "involvement in significant corruption," said US diplomacy chief Mike Pompeo.

"Mr. Sinibaldi participated and benefited from public corruption in relation to his official obligations and is now a fugitive from justice," said the Secretary of State in a statement released on the Department's website.

The ban on entry into the US also affects Sinibaldi's wife, Maria Jose Saravia Mendoza, her son Alejandro Sinibaldi Saravia and two other minor children.
"Today's action reaffirms the US commitment to fight corruption in Guatemala and around the world, and sends a strong signal to other people involved in significant corruption that they will not receive refuge in the United States," Pompeo added.
Alejandro Sinibaldi is accused of illicit association and money laundering during his tenure at the helm of the Communications, Infrastructure and Housing portfolio (2012-2014) in the Government of the Patriot Party.

The Guatemalan Public Ministry and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala issued in 2016 an international search and capture order against the former minister.

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