US $ 22 billion submarine investment to 'outmaneuver China'


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US Navy, 9 Block V-type submarine announced that the tender for $ 22 billion to General Dynamic company.

In a statement made by the Navy, "The Navy Naval Systems Command awarded 9 Block V tenders, 8 of them with Virginia Class Transportation Modules, to General Dynamics Electric Boat on 2 December. In addition to the tender, 1 Virginia class submarine vessel option is included. $ 22.2 billion, including fixed price and incentive fees. " information was transferred.

Thomas Modly, Deputy Secretary General of the Navy, stated that submarines are an important component of the US Navy and that this tender will ensure that the US will be strong in global seas in the future.

Officer for Submarine Programs Rear Admiral David Goggins, "Block V Virginia and Virginia Class Carriage Modular submarines are meant to skip an era of submarine capability for navy. This change of design will allow our fleet to achieve our superiority under the sea. " said.

Virginia Class Transport Modules indicate that vessels will increase the capacity of 12 Tomahawk missiles to 40, It is stated that the US made this investment in order to gain superiority over China.

The US Navy currently has 18 Virginia class submarines, while 10 Block IV submarines are being built.

Virginia-class submarines can swim deeper than a normal submarine; It can be used against attack ships, submarines, heavy battleships, and can also conduct missile attack support, intelligence observation and submarine mine clearance operations to special force operations.

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