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Yesterday I wrote an article in Sputnik that talked about the hoarding of some commodities such as housing, it was interesting to think that some of the housing mafia godfathers seemed to be very upset with what was suggested in this article and some media outlets with them The discussion was called "Dangerous Proposal".

Yesterday I wrote an article in Sputnik that talked about the economic problems in Iran and the hoarding of some commodities, such as housing, and it was interesting to note that some housing mafia godfathers apparently suggested that this article suggested that parliament should prevent Housing hoarding was very frustrating, and some media outlets with whom they discussed this issue called the "dangerous proposal."

In all countries around the world, even the United States, which is the flag of the free market, there are laws against money laundering and job abuse.

Some may still remember just two or three years ago the federal courts in the United States, and what crimes were brought against them by large corporations like Microsoft and Google for market misconduct.
Whether one wants to own a house, or two or three homes for a bachelor or grandparent, or a prospective one for children, is one thing, and one wants to own seven thousand five hundred (according to a City Council member) Tehran) or in the city of Ray to occupy two and a half thousand houses is another matter.
In many countries there are companies whose registered job is property ownership and accordingly these companies either buy or sell property or rent property.

Nowhere in the world is it customary for companies or individuals to buy property just to invest and keep it useless, ie, to close the door to sell it later.

Even at the beginning of the revolution, this kind of speculation was supposed to be dealt with, but the people of wealth tried to counter it.

It is also one of the very common old ways of money laundering that people who earn money illegally make money buying their own property and then legalize their money by selling these properties. This seems to be the case in Iran today.

Of course, the problem in Iran is that some people withdraw their money from banks and buy foreign currency, gold and property to maintain its value and disrupt the country's economic system.

If the government deals with disruptions in the currency and coins market, it should do the same with disruptors in the property market or any other market.

These are interconnected.
Obviously, the lords of the hoarding mafia, from currency and coins to housing and other goods and services, will be very upset to be dealt with, and some will hire their own hires to shut it down even if there is some debate. .
Unfortunately, in Iran, there are Mafias these days that do not have any foreign examples, such as the Mafia Masters.

The reason for such mafias is simply because there are no laws to deal with them.

Of course, some critics, especially the media in this debate, are thought to be people who are too simplistic and unaware of what is happening in the country.

So it's not bad for these friends to be in the news, after rumors of a recent gas price hike in Iran have prompted rumors that the government is planning to tax bank deposits, which is why some lenders are still trying to get the housing market to this point. Warm through.

Obviously, if there are no laws and regulations in place to deal with these people, the country is likely to face a new crisis, and that is why it may be time for MPs to leave the House of Representatives at this last opportunity. And formulate and enforce rules to combat profiteering, including property hoarding, as well as dealing with currency dealers and coin dealers.

Of course, the mafia that will scour people like blood leeches will be saddened by this and will certainly use their financial resources to try to prevent such an event.

The points raised in this article are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sputnik editorial board.

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