Upcoming breakthroughs … Will Syrian-UAE relations return?


Official statements and the return of the UAE Embassy in Damascus indicate that the relationship between Syria and the UAE is warming in light of developments in the Middle East.

The UAE embassy in Syria held a reception on Monday to mark the 48th anniversary of its national day.
The UAE Charge d'Affaires in Damascus, Abdul Hakim Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi, said: "The Syrian-UAE relations are strong, distinctive and strong, based on clear and firm bases based on Arab reunification through a moderate policy," expressing his hope that "security, security and stability will prevail throughout Syria under the leadership of the President." "Bashar al-Assad," the official SANA news agency reported.

Al Nuaimi expressed his thanks to the Syrian government and people for their warm welcome and to the Foreign Ministry staff for their support in overcoming the difficulties before the UAE embassy to carry out its duties in order to increase the depth of relations between the two brotherly countries.

For his part, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad reviewed the history of bilateral relations between the two countries, stressing that "Syria and the UAE share many elements, including Arabism and the depth of the blood and belonging and joy to the achievements and victories achieved in the two countries."

"Syria will not forget that the UAE has stood by its side in its war on terror," Mekdad said. "This was expressed through the UAE's reception of Syrians who have chosen it until the terrorist war on their country ends and we hope to return home.

The possibility of the return of the UAE ambassador to Damascus

UAE strategic expert Brigadier Khalfan Al Kaabi, told Sputnik that:

"The UAE leadership has already stated that removing Syria from the Arab League could exacerbate the problem, in the sense that Syria emerged from the Arab League and is a founding member. In my opinion, the UAE leadership understands that this exacerbates the problem, because this has made Syria turn to others, specifically To Iran. "

The strategic expert that the major obstacle to the return of relations is the lack of understandings between the Arab countries on the return of Syria, and I expect that the situation will improve, especially since the Arab countries support for such an approach, especially Egypt.

He expected breakthroughs in relations and said: "I expect that the relations will witness future breakthroughs, especially as the UAE embassy has been openly announced, and this has positive implications."

As for the obstacles, the strategic expert said, the obstacles are the lack of understandings between the Arab countries, and considered that: "Turkish intervention in northern Syria showed many things, and pointed out that the removal of Syria from the Arab League was a big mistake, and there is now a Turkish occupation of land in the Syrian Arab Republic." .

The expert did not rule out that the UAE would return its ambassador to Damascus and be proactive in that.

Optimism that warmth will return to relations

Syrian strategic expert Dr. Kamal Jafa told Sputnik:

On the sidelines of the celebration organized by the UAE Embassy in Damascus for the first time in eight years, an effective Syrian official presence was observed on this occasion, as well as the speech delivered by the Acting UAE Ambassador in which he wished security and safety for Syria under the leadership of President al-Assad gave an official and popular indication of changing the language of the official UAE speech. Towards Syria .. UAE-Syrian relations have not been officially or popularly broken even with Saudi Arabia There were official secret lines of communication led by Major General Ali Mamlouk and other senior figures working in the kitchen of the Syrian decision, as we have not noticed since the assumption of Mohammed bin Salman Saudi official figure of the Syrian president or even vice versa and flights are still landing in Syrian airports Saudi Arabia and the UAE. "

"In this optimistic atmosphere, and with the real desire of the Gulf states to make a step towards the Syrian state after Saudi Arabia moved from the Syrian stadium due to the fading of the military forces that supported it and the expansion of the Turkish role in Idlib and northeastern Syria, there seems to be a recalculation of accounts by the UAE and Saudi Arabia and will be followed by Egypt, of course, the file of Syrian relations with this country for several objectives sought by the Gulf States … Expansion at the expense of the Iranian presence, which is an American desire and Turkish ambitions in Syria and undermine its presence and future expansion plans and weaken the "SDF" and trim and undermine its project after reaching a mask Not the possibility of international consensus on the division of Syria. "

Dr. Jaffa concluded: "If these goals converge in many of its vocabulary with the Syrian desire to curb and weaken the SDF and to curb the Turkish ambitions in Syria and increase financial and political support for Syria and even ease the Iranian and Russian pressures on them in the economic and political fields … The coming days and weeks will see a greater breakthrough In these relations, we may witness more initiatives under the auspices of Russia or the United Arab Emirates or even the movement of embassies or aircraft movement with Syria will inevitably be in the interest of all Syrians.

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