Trump: US and Russia in contact with nuclear issues – China should be included


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The US has contacts with Russia on nuclear issues and also wants to bring China on board. US President Donald Trump said Wednesday in Washington in a statement on the recent initiative by Russian President Vladimir Putin to impose a moratorium on the deployment of short-range and medium-range missiles in Europe.

"We are discussing with Russia a number of issues related to the restriction of nuclear weapons. I think that's probably the biggest problem for the whole world that's bigger than any other problem. And we are persistently working on it. He (President Putin) wants something to happen. I want it too and China too, "said Trump.

Putin had suggested that Stationing missiles of short and medium range in Europe and other regions by means of a moratorium, and to inform the most important countries of Europe and Asia as well as various international organizations. Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov later said that NATO's response to the proposal was disappointing: "The proposal for a moratorium is untrustworthy because it ignores local reality," the Alliance argued.

USA tip INF contract

Previously, the US was from the INF Treaty had unilaterally withdrawn from the ban on ground-based short- and medium-range missiles, but had also proposed drafting a new strategic arms limitation treaty. The US administration is assuming that China, in addition to the USA and Russia, would have to enter into this agreement.

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