Trump signs sanctions against Nord Stream 2 – Allseas stops relocation


The Allseas company, which operates the laying ships for Nord Stream 2, has announced the suspension of its pipeline work on Saturday night due to impending US sanctions. A few hours later, the punitive measures were signed by the US president.

In anticipation of Donald Trump's approval of the new US defense budget, which also included sanctions against Nord Stream 2, the Swiss Allseas Group announced the following on its website:

"In anticipation of the adoption of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Allseas has discontinued its relocation activities for Nord Stream 2. Allseas will act in accordance with the regulatory provisions and expect guidance from the relevant US agency that will provide the necessary regulatory, technical and environmental clarifications. ”

Shortly thereafter, on Friday night local time, Donald Trump signed the Sanctions Act, which is part of the new defense budget. The punitive measures of the “Law for the Protection of Europe's Energy Security” target the operating companies of the highly specialized ships with which the pipes for the pipeline are laid through the Baltic Sea – primarily to Allseas and the Italian company Saipem. This law also affects the “Turkish Stream” gas project.

Earlier, US Senator Ted Cruz and his colleague Ron Johnson had asked the Swiss Allseas Group head Edward Heerema to stop working on the gas pipeline immediately. They pointed out that Russia should have "paid a lot of money" to the company to help move Nord Stream 2. The senators see this as a threat to European security.

Impact on Germany

Transatlantic coordinator Peter Beyer told the dpa that the punitive measures would not be directed against Germany but against private companies. “That is why Germany will not take any countermeasures. If so, this would have to happen at European level anyway, but that won't happen either, ”said the CDU politician. Beyer said that the sanctions had been underway for a year. They are therefore not a turning point in German-American relations. "The transatlantic friendship is strong – and we have been through very different situations together."

Nord Stream 2 is expected to deliver gas from Russia to Germany by bypassing Poland and Ukraine from next year. To date, according to the Nord Stream 2 consortium, more than 2,100 kilometers of the double strand have been laid in the Baltic Sea, around 300 kilometers are still missing. Allseas said last week that there was no speculation about the potential impact of sanctions.

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