Trump reportedly urged Kiev to interfere in US presidential election, Democrats say


Sputnik France

US Congressional Democrats released the report of the impeachment investigation against Donald Trump, accusing him of urging Ukraine to influence the running of the US presidential election.

Donald Trump allegedly pushed the Ukrainian authorities to interfere in the presidential election in the United States, here is what emerges from the report of the investigation into dismissal of Donald Trump, document released Tuesday, December 3 by the Intelligence Committee of the United States. the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority.

"The impeachment investigation has shown that President Trump, personally or through agents within and outside the government, has sought the interference of a foreign country, Ukraine, to further his campaign of re-election, "he said in the preface to the 300-page report written by Commission Chief Adam Schiff.

The White House responded to the report saying the Democrats failed to gather overwhelming evidence against Donald Trump.

"At the end of a unilateral fictitious process, President Schiff and the Democrats have totally failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. This report reflects nothing more than their frustrations, "said White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

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