Trump "forgets" his wife on the White House lawn – video


The President of the United States "forgot" his wife Melania on the way to his helicopter and realized halfway through, found journalists filming the scene.

The FOX 10 Phoenix channel revealed a funny situation that happened when Donald Trump boarded his helicopter from the White House lawn.

The video shows the President walking alone toward the helicopter before stopping halfway to wait for his wife Melania. The journalists felt that he had simply "forgotten" his wife:

This is not the first time that Trump couple finds themselves in an amazing situation. Indeed, during the visit of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis to the White House, Donald Trump had led him inside the building while the first ladies had stayed behind, waiting for the traditional photo shoot.

In August, a video showing the US head of state tapping his thigh to summon his wife had also provoked a controversy on the Net.

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