This is the last days of Mauricio Macri in the Government


The final section of Mauricio Macri's term found little in the Casa Rosada. After the October elections, the president had two official trips and took the opportunity to dine with friends and rest. Macri has already emptied the presidential residence and is looking for a new house outside the city of Buenos Aires.

Mauricio Macri faces his last hours as president of Argentina with dinners and meetings with friends and businessmen, in addition to preparing the mass event scheduled for Saturday, December 7 at the Plaza de Mayo.
The national radio and television network used by Macri on the night of Thursday 5 was his penultimate message to Argentine citizens. The last one will be on Sunday 7 in the Plaza de Mayo, a historic enclave of Buenos Aires located in front of the Casa Rosada, the seat of the Executive.
The president will give there his last message to the Argentines as president, in a speech with which the president seeks to launch himself as the leader of the opposition during the next four years. The event will begin at 6 pm and will end with the president's words, three days after delivering the presidential band to Alberto Fernandez.

His last days of office have found little in the Casa Rosada. After the electoral defeat of October 27 and the first transition meetings with Fernandez, Macri took advantage of the long weekend of November 18 to take a break with his wife Juliana Awada and Antonia, their daughter.

He chose the small town of Mendiolaza, in the province of Cordoba. The president stayed at the El Terron room, where he had lunch, watched sports on television and played golf on the newly opened courts in the complex.

According to the Argentine newspaper Clarin, Macri also used the weeks that followed the electoral defeat to hold private meetings with friends and businessmen in the fifth presidential Olivos.

They also played the last representations of Argentina abroad. On December 2 he had to travel to Madrid to participate in the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 25).
Three days later he traveled to the town of Bento Goncalves, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to be part of his last summit of Mercosur presidents.
In parallel, the president is in full planning of his own move. In recent days, social networks replicated thousands of times the photograph of a moving truck inside the fifth of Olivos, soon to begin removing the belongings of the leader of Cambiemos.

After the game, Macri and his family will not return to the apartment they occupied in the Palermo neighborhood. According to Clarin, the couple sold the property for 3 million dollars and plan to move to the town of San Isidro, in Greater Buenos Aires (metropolitan area surrounding the Argentine capital).

Macri will no longer sleep in Olivos on Monday, the day it could materialize a camaraderie dinner with Alberto Fernandez and the closest advisors. On December 10, after delivering the command, he would offer a dinner for 30 guests at Los Abrojos, the fifth of his family.
Already outside the Government, Macri would spend January with his wife in Villa La Angostura, a renowned tourist city located next to the Nahuel Huapi National Park. According to Clarin, he also plans to travel to Spain with his wife in February.

Upon return, the outgoing president must define his future. The possibility that he seeks to return quickly to the political arena is strengthened by the transcendents who indicate that he is preparing to open an office in San Isidro to meet with his collaborators, while seeking to offer conferences abroad.

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